Robot Infection takes place in a Terminator like world. The robots have revolted against their human creators and try to dominate them. Your job, as a human liberator, is to free mankind from the machines by infecting and destroying them with a computer virus transfered by nano-robots.

In every level of Robot Infection you can drop capsules filled with nano-robots. By choosing the right place and time you can infect some of the robots with the virus. Once a robot is infected, it tries to hunt down and infect or destroy other robots. A short time after an infection, the robot will self-destruct. If all robots get destroyed or self-destruct, the level will be completed.


  • Levels get more and more difficult on your way to eliminate the robotic menace
  • The intuitive camera control makes it possible to view the map from different perspectives
  • Launch precise attacks with the smart overlay cross-hair
  • Collect coins dropped by destroyed robots to buy improvements for your equipment