YetAnotherBreakout 3D is a clone of the origin breakout of the year 1976.

Authors: Stephan Napieralski, Peter Haucke, Julian Neuhaus
Students of HPI Potsdam
Supervisor: Matthias Trapp
Produced as part of the seminar 'Game Programming' by Prof. Döllner


How To Play

Source: http://www.myedudesk.ch; http://gamestuff.ca; http://www.digitaltrends.com

This is a Breakout-game, where you have to destroy bricks, using a ball. You have to pay attention, not to lose the ball. This will happen, if it falls down, out of the screen. To avoid this, you can control a board, where the ball will bounce. 

There are two different modes to play. 
First one is named 'clear' where you have to destroy all bricks to come to the next level. 
Second one is named 'survive' where you have to hold on 2 min to come to the next level.

You can play YAB3D with a mouse or a Wii controller. So you are able to controll the board via one of this input devices. 
Use Space to get the ingame menu.
Use Esc to get the main menu.

There are several specials, to give you advantages...

3 Balls

Another Ball:

You will have one more ball in the game. It is more complicate to handle it, but you can destroy more bricks.



You will have a fireball that can burn bricks (also bricks that are only near of a brick that was hit)

improve strength of ball

Improve strength of Ball:

The ball can destroy bricks of a higher level without hitting many times

improve board size

Bigger board:

With this special it is easier to keep the ball in the game.

magnet board


You can catch the ball if it touches the board.

more lifes

Extra life:

You can get one more life.