Free to play!

And there's even more to it. Prone is completely open source. No matter if you're a programmer, modeler or enthusiastic gamer - feel free to use Prone as a playground of creativity. Prone is designed to be easily extended in many areas.



Although Prone started as a time-limited project first, we had so much fun seeing our little sphere rolling through space that we decided to refine the game further. Take a look at how easy Prone is extendable and who knows - maybe you're interested in helping us create something awesome!

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Prone uses quite a few frameworks which hugely lightened our own workload and therefore made it possible for us to concentrate on the more fun things to do during game development.

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Prone has arised as a product of a game programming seminar at the Hasso-Plattner Institut in Germany, Potsdam. Read more about the given regulations and parameters we had to consider during development.

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