Gravity Can. It'll blow your mind.

Gravity Can is an endless-running can on wheels. While running and running, help him to survive! He shouldn't get lost in that strange world, built up of a tunnel of four walls - or less. And a lot of obstacles. Where do they come from? Strange... Happily, there are also nice things. Like Rainbows and Hearts. But they are so hard to get.

Game Details

You are the master of gravity! Reverse the polarity of the world to manipulate the fall direction of the can. Use W for up, S for down, A for left and D for right. Try not to fall out of the tunnel! Remember: The gravity switch is only possible when you touch the ground or obstacles!


You can use the Arrow Keys to maneuver on the walls. If you choose "relative" controlling, you can only use the Left and Right Arrow Keys and you will move relative to the wall you are on. If you choose "absolute" controlling, you can also use the Up and Down Arrow Key, which will come into use when you are on the left or on the right wall. Try not to fall behind that toothed line! If the can got behind, he slowly catches up until reaching the beginning position. While playing, press P to pause the game. There you can change settings or return to the main menu, thus, ending your current game. If you return to the main menu, you will end your current game.

The Goal

The further you run, the more points you get on your highscore. If you enter a next level, you'll hear a warning sound and you'll see different wall colors. If you enter the last designed level, you will hear a rather creepy sound... because in the last level, the can will accelerate continously until reaching a maximum velocity. We guarantee for nothing!

The Track

The race course is more or less generated randomly, so there's no use in learning the track by rote! But we use some parameters to design the track parts (called "levels"), so you might recognize some parts... If you want to change those parameters (you might find the game too easy or too difficult), you can modify the LevelDescriptions.ini. If you add or remove levels, you should update the size parameter.


Rainbow stones: Collect them to get a small bonus on your highscore. The actual value depends on the level part. Usually the value increases with the distance.
Heart stones: Collect them to get a big bonus on your highscore. The actual value is 5 times greater than the bonus of the rainbow stone. But the heart stone is smaller and therefore harder to collect.
Speed stones: Collect them to get away from that toothed line. It makes you hurry up forward up to a certain point, which is far more ahead than the beginning position.


Navigate through the menu using W, A, S and D or the Arrow Keys. Press Space or Enter to choose a submenu or to toggle an option.

Supported Systems

We developed the game on Windows 7 SP1 (64 Bit). We also tested it on Windows 8.

Documentation and Download

For a overview and a better understanding about the code you can look at the documentation. If you want to try Gravity Can you can find the Windows version here.



Gravity Can was developed for the game programming seminar at the Hasso-Plattner Institut in Potsdam during the winter term 2013/14. The game concept was taken from Gravity Guy.


  • Anne Gropler
  • Eva-Maria Herbst
  • Alexander Lehmann
  • Tobias Stengel

This libraries were used during the development: