A game about voxels in space.

About Voxellancer

Voxellancer is a game created by a group of 4 students from the HPI.

Voxellancer features destroyable, voxelbased spaceships, modern graphics, enemies with group behaviour, factions, reloadable shader, scripts and configurations. It has a beautiful bloom shader, a highly configurable starfield effect, OculusRift support, a voxel-based spherical hud, it supports ssaa and fxaa antialiasing and makes lots of use of instanced rendering for best performance.

Voxellancer uses the following technology: GLM, GLEW, GLFW, GLOW, Lua, the awesome C++11 bindings of Elemate, SFML Audio, OculusSDK and bandit tests.

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Download Voxellancer

You can download Voxellancer (alpha) here.

For an introduction to the basic controls, build instructions and a better overview about the code you can look at the documentation.

You can get the source code from GitHub if you prefer.

Contact Voxellancer

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback, give us suggestions about new features or to just say hello!



Have a look at the doxygen documentation as html and pdf.

The documentation contains general information like build instructions, an overview of the lua api and the configuration options and information about the classes with class and collaboration diagrams.