Winter Term 2010/11

In the following you will find the projects created during the Winter Term 2011/2012. The projects are introduced briefly on this page. If you are interested to see more of the projects, access the source code or download an excecutable version, please visit the linked project web page.

Cyborg Pirate Ninja Tales

Inspired by games like The Lost Vikings and Trine we wanted to create a game that combines a platformer with some RPG elements. Specifically that means providing the player with the choice of three playable characters. However, unlike the games mentioned above it shouldn't be necessary to use all three characters' abilities to complete a level. Instead, the player should choose his hero at the beginning of the game for a whole campaign. Thus, our levels consist of different paths to complete them. Furthermore, there are levels dedicated to only one of the characters, creating an overall non-linear story. visit website

Robot Infection

Robot Infection takes place in a Terminator like world. The robots have revolted against their human creators and try to dominate them. Your job, as a human liberator, is to free mankind from the machines by infecting and destroying them with a computer virus transfered by nano-robots. visit website

Snowboard Downhill Arcade Game

An arcade snoboard racing game incorporating realistic terrain rendering, mutlitexturing and realistic snowboard behavior. visit website


Starjumper is a arcade racing game. The task is to steer a shapceship through a track full of obstacles. The track has different areas each having different properties that can affect a player's spaceship, e.g., accelerate or decelerate it. visit website

Tower Defense

This game implements the well known tower defense game idea. THe target of the game is to stop enemies passing a given route by building and upgrading defense towers. visit website

YetAnotherBreakout 3D

YetAnotherBreakout 3D is a clone of the origin breakout of the year 1976. visit website