Winter Term 2011/12

In the following you will find the projects created during the Winter Term 2011/2012. The projects are introduced briefly on this page. If you are interested to see more of the projects, access the source code or download an excecutable version, please visit the linked project web page.

Elite Sword

Elite Swords: The Lost Levels is a First Person Hack'n'Slay, which uses NextGen Controller like the Wii Remote to provide a very realistic and intense playing performance. The game comes with build in WiiMote with Motion+ support. The movement of your WiiMote is directly mapped to the ingame sword movement. You can use a Wii-Nunchuk to move around the world. Explore an open world and find better swords or health pakets. And you will need these, as the level is full of enemies, which will have no mercy. An enemie radar helps you not getting overwhelmed. But even if you killed all enemies, the fun is not over: An integrated Level-Editor provides you the possibility to make your own levels for maximum enjoyability. visit website

Sticky Dinosaur Armagedon

The gamplay is similar to "Katamari Damacy". The player has a magical ball, which means items can stick to it and make it grow. To be rolled up the items have to be smaller than the katamari, else they are obstacles and the katamari rebounds. When the katamari grows it can pick up bigger items, especially the dinosaurs. Every level has certain missions, which must be fulfilled within a given time-limit, to reach the next level. For example the player has to reach a certain size or roll up certain items. visit website

UFO Jumble 3D

UFO Jumble is a fast-paced multiplayer game in which you can control an UFO. You have lasers to firein order to destroy your opponents. visit website