Winter Term 2012/13

In the following you will find the projects created during the Winter Term 2011/2012. The projects are introduced briefly on this page. If you are interested to see more of the projects, access the source code or download an excecutable version, please visit the linked project web page.

Asteroids 3D

In Asteroids 3D you are piloting a space ship in an universe of floating asteroids. This special universe has an energetic bound around it, in order to keep the asteroids inside. You have to shoot all those asteroids if you want to win the game. But be careful: they can harm you if they come too close. visit website

Mahela Nubo

Malhela Nubo is a hybrid between puzzle and 2D-platformer. You control a disc-shaped ship, trying to maneuver it through a world full of obstacles. The catch, however, is that the ship has no propulsion and can only be tilted to influence the direction of travel. visit website


Prone is a simple but versatile racing game. Using a Wii-mode or your keyboard, you steer a ball on a random generated track. To master a track, you have to avoid obstacles, hit power-ups and try to achieve the fastes time on the track. Generate your own levels or modify existing ones and finally share them with your friends. visit website